Gramercy Insurance Company in Receivership

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Gramercy Insurance Company was placed in Liquidation on August 26, 2013.

Frequently Asked Questions


The Court has set a Claim deadline for filing a Proof of Claim against Gramercy of February 26, 2015, 11:59 PM C.S.T.   To obtain a Proof of Claim form and instructions and information regarding the liquidation of Gramercy, click on the following links:

  Proof of Claim Instructions and Claim Form

  Important Information Regarding Notice of Liquidation and Deadline to File Claims

  Proof of of Claim Instructions and Claim Form Exclusively for the Global Guardian Insurance Program (GGIP) for Mexican Trucking Companies



For policyholders or a person with an existing accident claim against Gramercy or a Gramercy policyholder, the guaranty association that you should contact is the state of residency of the Gramercy Insured at the date and time of the accident.

Below are the links and contacts to the various State guaranty associations.

If you have a new accident claim to report please call Gramercy in Receivership at 888-202-0422 for assistance.